FIV Policy

NCPAS aligns with the vast amount of scientific knowledge and data, proving that cats with FIV should not be prejudiced against, and are equally deserving of life, rescue, and adoption, with little to no emphasis placed upon their viral status.
Contagious Nature Fears

A multitude of respected, published studies document that risk of horizontal transmission in shelters, homes, or clinics is reduced to statistically insignificant in sterilized cats, even those who cohabitate with negative cats in multi-pet homes and in group housing in shelters.

Lifespan Fears

Similarly, a multitude of respected, published studies document that there is no statistical difference in lifespan between viral positive and viral negative cats.

Quality of Life Fears

Again, ample studies exist proving that viral positive cats in the typical pet home are most frequently asymptomatic for the duration of their lives. Gathered data on comorbidities include manageable conditions such as gingivitis.

Armed with these facts
  • NCPAS will not place adoption restrictions on FIV positive cats. Viral status will be disclosed at the time of adoption and education provided to the adopter. Sterilized viral positive cats may be adopted into homes with viral negative cats. Sterilized viral positive cats may be adopted to indoor/outdoor or outdoor-only homes.
  • NCPAS will not consider FIV a special need.
  • NCPAS will provide the same resources and opportunities to viral positive cats that it would a viral negative cat, including equal medical care, equal opportunity for life, and equal opportunity for adoption.
  • NCPAS will never consider death for a FIV positive cat based solely on this viral status

*Thank you to Austin Pets Alive! for having clear and concise information that we can pass on to our adopters! A lot of the language used is borrowed from them.*

See the video below for more information on this life-saving moment

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