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Why Foster?

Every year millions of adoptable dogs and cats are killed in shelters. North Country Pet Adoption Services saves animals at high risk for euthanasia, but we can’t do that without foster homes. So when you foster, you are saving a life.

Foster FAQ

Why was this animal going to be killed? Do they have problems?

In many areas of the country, shelters have to kill animals because they don’t have enough room. They have contracts with towns or counties, and when new dogs are brought in, there has to be a place to put them. That means the dog that has been there for anywhere from 3 days (or less) on up will be killed. Perfect pets are being killed.

What is a pet foster home?

You open your home for a dog, puppy, cat, or kitten to live in, between being rescued and finding their forever families! The animal belongs to North Country Pet Adoption Services, but you are the caregiver.

Where does this animal stay?

It depends on the age, size and needs of the animal. If they are babies, they need to be in a contained area. If they are old enough, and proper introductions have been done with your other pets, then they can have the run of the house. We do recommend using a crate, and ask all fosters to do a two week shutdown protocol to help the dogs decompress. That protocol can be found on a link at the top of the page! If you don’t have a crate, we can provide you with one. 

How long will I have the animal?

Sometimes a foster animal comes and goes very quickly. Sometimes it takes longer for their forever families to find them. You could potentially have this animal for several months, so please keep this in mind. If at any time you cannot continue to foster, we need at least one week to find a new foster. We do our best to get them adopted as quickly as possible, and on average the stay is less than a month. 

Do I have to own my own home?

No, but we will need to talk with your landlord.

Can I adopt my foster?

You will have to follow the same process as any other adoption, and as long as it’s a good match, then yes!

What is the adoption process?

There is an adoption application that must be submitted with references. There will also be a home visit. If you rent, we must talk with your landlord to make sure they allow pets. Depending on the breed of dog you are interested in, we may also need to check your or your landlord’s home insurance policy.  Once everything is approved, there is an adoption fee and contract.

I have my own pets, is that an issue?

No! Animals will be vaccinated and temperament tested before being placed into foster homes. There will be training provided on how to introduce a new animal into your household. It is required that your pets are current on their vaccinations.  

I don’t have any pets, does that mean I can’t foster?

You will be the most valuable foster home of all! Some pets need to be only pets due to a variety of circumstances, but that doesn’t mean they will always need to be only pets. Some animals come to us very stressed by what they have just been through, and they need a place where they are the only pet to recover.

Who pays for what?

NCPAS appreciates willingness to donate toward general expenses, like food, treats, litter, etc. NCPAS will offer donated items, as available, for use by foster homes (Such general expenses, if paid for by a foster home and not by NCPAS, may be tax deductible.) Crates can be lent to foster homes and returned to NCPAS when a foster dog is adopted.  NCPAS pays for all medical care for the animal.

Are there any restrictions?

Through trial and error, we’ve decided we need all fosters to be in Lewis County, Jefferson County, or the Boonville area (NY.) This is because we need our animals to be close to our director, our veterinarian, and adoption events. 

What else do I need?

Patience, a big heart, a sense of humor, some flexibility, and a lot of common sense. Your new foster may come to you with a broken spirit. They may come to you a bundle of nerves. They may never have lived in a home before. They may not be house trained, the stairs are the scariest thing they’ve seen, the TV makes weird noises, and those shoes look delicious. And most importantly, the only reason they are alive is because YOU agreed to foster. Thank you.