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As a smaller rescue, every teammate is so valuable to our mission! Since we are growing, it’s an exciting time to have you join us as we focus on developing our Community Cats Program and our Community Outreach for Pet Parents Programs!

Join Our Clowder

(Fun Fact - that’s what a Group of Cats is called)!

pick from multiple Volunteer opportunities below

Supplies and monetary donations are always appreciated. Check out this page for more information on ways to donate.

Volunteer at Events

We participate in several events in the community. Help us get the word out about the events on social media, your work, church, school . . . anywhere you meet up with people.

Host an Event or Fundraiser

Consider hosting a bake sale, organize a raffle . . . the options are endless. Contact us so we can help you get the resources you need to create an amazing event and so we can share on our social media!

Collaborate with Us!

We love integrating the work we do with other do-good organizations and programs! We’re happy to collaborate in any way, so reach out!

Socialize in Our Cattery

Our cats love having visitors come to socialize with them and keep the cattery tidy and neat! This is a great opportunity for seniors looking to add a little kittie companionship to their routines!

Community Cats Program

Help us locate, track, trap and create outdoor safe-housing for community cats! This is great for handy people to help assemble shelters, those who love driving around cat-finding and those who just love cats!

Pet Share With Us

Get your fill of cuddles, kisses, wiggle butts and head boops! Pet Sharing Fosters provide love, care, and a home for one (or more!) of our pets for a specific period of time or until they are adopted.


Instead of adopting through a breeder or pet store, adopt one of our amazing animals. Your life will never be the same!

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